My Fav Artist

Everyone have their own fav artist. So do i. Guess what, my fav artist is Tam Spider. Why?? Because he's quite good-looking, humble, got a 'lesung pipit' (tu yg mahal tu) and a bit look like a chinese. And the most IMPORTANT is his voice. Serak2 basah gitu. 

I don't know, most of the people like international artist, but not me. 'Support our local artist'..I put his photo near my bed. I buy all his album. Most of his songs i can sing (walaupun nyanyi boleh menyebabkan hujan turun). Just name it. 

Even though he's married for twice, i still like him and his songs. His voice maintain even he's getting older. Hik3x..

Look at his wife, so adorable and his son really cute right??
Okay, i think its enough for today's entry. I pray for their happiness and get a baby girl soon ;)

*So tell me who's your fav artist and why love them..

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